48 Hours in Istanbul – Turkish E Viisa

There are several baths in Istanbul but the oldest and the most popular ones are Ayasofya Hurrem Sultan Bath, Cagaloglu, Cemberlitas, Suleymaniye, and Galatasaray Baths. Both Suleymaniye and Galatasaray accept mixed groups of men and women.







The Turkish bath is very popular in several countries like, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates. If your citizenship if for those countries remembers that you need Turkish e visa to enter Turkey. It is a confirmation that allows the bearer to enter Turkey. You can get the turkey visa for Saudi Arabia, visa to turkey for Qatar or United Arab Emirates citizens.

Historical Sites

You could spend a week just visiting all the various historical sites in istanbul. Some notable ones not to miss include the Aya Sofya, The Blue Mosque, the Basilica Cistern and the Galata Tower.

Insider Tip: Buy a museum pass for 85 TL to bypass the long queues for sites like The Hagia Sophia and Topkapi Palace. You’ll save hours of waiting time. Also, ladies don’t forget to bring a scarf before you head into a mosque as you’l’l need to cover your head and shoulders.