Amazing adventure sports in Himachal Pradesh, India

Himachal Pradesh or the ‘abode of Gods’ is a hill state that never ever fails to surprise its visitors with every visit they make. There is invariably something or the other new to the place whenever you visit it,Guest Posting be it for sightseeing, nature tour, adventure or for a laid back Himachal holiday package.

Endowed with some amazing and gorgeous mountainous terrains and river valleys make it an ideal playground for outdoor adventure sports in Himachal Pradesh. The captivating landscape of Himachal Pradesh with its high and mighty hills can thrill and enthrall the back packers. Another main reason for Himachal Pradesh being a favourite destination for tourists and adventurists is the fact that it offers every adventurer from novices to the most experienced, their choice of adventure and the related adventure sports, in short from ease to moderate to high adrenalin adventure it is all here to be experienced in Himachal Pradesh.

Adventure activities like the high adrenalin Heli skiing in Manali, rock climbing in the treacherous terrain of Kinnaur and the surroundings and rappelling in the mountains of the Spiti valley. Himachal is also known as the “Paragliding Capital of India” so much so that the “First Paragliding World Cup of India” too was held here from 24th to the 31st October 2015. Bir and Billing are the most popular paragliding, one of the most popular adventure sport in Himachal, sites in the state. For the weak hearted? The ideal activities they can indulge in are angling and fishing, as this place is the home to world famous trout fish.