Christopher Columbus: What do You Think of That?

My children and I enjoyed frolicking in the swimming pool,Guest Posting each of us
adding pink to our cheeks and smiles to our faces.

What a surprise to wake up this morning to a cold wind blowing and the
appearance of thick rain clouds.

To many parts of the country, this is not odd at all. In Bakersfield,
where we experience two seasons: very hot and fog, having two completely
different weather experiences within a span of 24 hours is highly
unusual. In shifting, we can get a bit off kilter.

A very practical example is this: if our intention for today was to wear
the same wardrobe as yesterday, we would be awfully uncomfortable today!
Instead, we have to think and respond differently. As we started our
day today, I asked Katherine if she wanted to wear the short sleeved top
and short skirt we put out the night before, or would she prefer I put
some cold weather clothes out instead.

She chose the cold weather clothes and we saved the spring clothes for
when the weather shifts back to warm.

We were not rigid to the choice we made last night. In the new weather
context, it simply did not make sense.

As we reach out and discover discover different realms with different
ways of being, it is most satisfying to navigate a bit differently.

Henry David Thoreau made this comment: “Be a Columbus to new continents
and worlds within you, opening new channels of thought.”

School children throughout the United States and Canada will tell you
that Christopher Columbus discovered America when he was searching fo