Ethylene Diamine Tetra Acetic Acid – The Soul Of Chelation Therapy

This can cause some kinds of health diseases & heart attacks & might eventually need surgical procedure to bypass the barren blood vessels. Chelation Therapy is the procedure in which chemicals react with toxic metals and minerals & eliminate them from the body. The word “Chelation” has been derived from the Greek word “chele” that means to “claw”. The word Chelation is pronounced as key-lay-shun.-

The surgeons are using this therapy for a long time & the very essential chelating agent used by them is Ethylene Diamine tetra acetic acid or you can say EDTA. This is an artificial amino acid. It is extremely efficient in connecting with the injurious metals & eliminating them out from the body along the nitrogenous wastes. Chelation Therapy is absolutely the most effectual substitution for surgical procedure for Atherosclerotic ailment. Chelation therapy if applied accurately can effect greatly on patients & hundreds of patients have been treated with no any requirement of angioplasty or bypass surgery

Every oral chelating agent holds a synthetic amino acid called Ethylene Diamine tetra acetic acid along with the additional ingredients like unprocessed honey,Guest Posting honeybee pollen, royal jelly, natural vitamin C & B12 etc. Ethylene Diamine tetra acetic acid is mainly effectual in eliminating heavy metals like mercury from circulatory system. An Oral Chelating agent turns out to be more successful due to the existence of additional ingredients such as honey & Royal Jelly. Our body receives it as food & it gets assimilated in the syst