How the Website Shouldtrumprun..Com Changed History Forever was launched in late 2010. Ostensibly, it was an independent site to test the waters about a possible Trump 2012 run. It even explicitly said on the bottom it was “not endorsed by Donald Trump.”

But this was not an independent site. It was founded by Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, along with two local lobbyists who, at the time, we’re helping Trump push for a doomed project in Jones Beach on Long Island.

The site actually got Cohen into some hot water with the FEC. After Cohen took a private jet to Iowa to test the waters for Trump, someone filed a complaint against Cohen. For a while earlier this year, actually redirected to an FEC letter on the issue.

Cohen was cleared by FEC of any wrongdoing because Trump was not an officially declared candidate in the time of the Iowa trip.

Who signed off on that decision?