How to Choose a Reliable Web Host ?

of your specific web hosting needs. How much space will you need? How much transfer allowance? How many emails? Will you need a database? Will you need a shopping cart? Will you need a merchant account? Are you going to set up a forum or chat feature with your web site?….etc After all, A Reliable Web host should first be a web host that meets your specific needs. But there are some things that every web host should have in order for you to consider using there services, and they are listed below.

Up Time and Reliability
You’ll want to make sure that your web site is accessible. Ask your web host whether he quarantees a certain percentage of uptime. Many web hosts will guarantee your web site to be available 99.5% of the time. Ask about the hardware used, the connection, and what safequards are in place to minimize downtimes.

Reasonable Price
Your web hosting company should offer you a reasonable price for services and flexibility in payment methods and schedules. Look for hidden costs when comparing prices. You will find that some web hosts charge a setup fee. Don’t rule out a web hosting company just because of this expense. Some of the best companies charge a setup fee to help in cov