Job Search Network – Who and What is It?

If you’ve been searching for a job recently – and over 15,000,000 people have – you’ve heard about job search networking. You’ve probably heard it is the quickest and most effective job search method. That’s because with it you can reach 75%-90% of all available jobs. Jobs that otherwise would be hidden from you.

Yes, you may have heard about this great job search tool, but you may still not clearly understand:

This article is designed to clarify the above; to help you get the most out of networking your “connections”.

What a job search network really is

A job search network can be defined as a broad list of contacts that you should be using to your advantage as you seek a new job. It is the method of marketing who and what you are and have accomplished in the workplace.You’ll never get a new job until you can get in front of someone who can make a decision to hire you and make you an offer. Networking is the best way to accomplish that.

Successful new job search networking is based on the “Six Degrees of Separation” concept. This concept was first introduced by Frigyes Karinthy in the late 1920s. It was later popularized in a play of the same name written by John Guare in 1990.

Also referred to as the “Human Web”, the concept asserts the idea that everyone is at most only six steps away from any other person on earth. It works like a chain of “a friend of a friend of a friend”, etc.

The relevance to a job search network is simply this: As you start to contact people they refer you to more. The people you know personally (your level one contacts) all know more people (your level two contacts), and they know more people (your level three contacts), and so on through six contact levels/degrees.

Based on the above illustration that could easily and quickly add up to 200-250 and more contacts who may have connections that can help you to find a new