Looking For A Job? You Better Be Up To Date With The Newest Technology

As a career professional that has been advancing in the workplace; you have a need to stay up to date on the influx of new technologies that affect your job performance and daily duties.

Whether you work in the office or out in the field; the last few years have brought about a wealth of new technologies that make you more efficient, productive and most importantly to employers a profitable employee.

With this new technology though comes the need as a job seeker and employee for you to stay up to date and aware of the advancement of these new technologies around you.







In today’s marketplace employers expect existing and new employees to have a strong understanding of smart phones, web-based platforms / productivity applications, and social media. These applications are the basis of many day to day activities that all employees need to interface with to be a productive employee (MS Office Suites, Email Platforms, Facebook, Twitter,etc..).

Beyond these basic applications are industry specific applications for engineering, construction, marketing, business development, etc. (SaleForce.com, CRM’s, Primavera, JD Edwards, etc..) that are all necessary talents an employee needs to have to function daily and advance within an organization.

Efficiency is the name of the game today for employers. “How do we make our employees more productive, by utilizing technology efficiently..” Employers see the need for efficiency and technology allows them to reduce costs, increase efficiency and manage projects corporate wide as a whole.

So as an employee here are a few tips to stay ahead of the technology trends in your industry.

1. First assess what technologies are being used in your work environment currently? Do you have the proficiency in th