Metal Gear Solid 4 is the Best Game For Your PS3

games in the PS3. Technically brilliant in all aspects and highly critically acclaimed by gaming critics, this PS3 exclusive is one of the reasons why you MUST own a PS3. To date, 4.75 million copies of the game have been sold.

In a nutshell, MGS4 is an action adventure game. What sets it apart from the hack and slash and button mashing crowd is the way the game is played. It takes tactical skills and a certain degree of patience to pull off some of the moves, like stealth skills and sniping. The game is set in an alternate world of political intrigue, espionage and utilizes several real-world historical events which blend in seamlessly with the story line. Add the tactical game play with the engrossing story-line back drop and you are in for one very interesting gaming experience.

With regard to graphics and audio, very few games can even be considered at par with MG. Some newly release games of the same genre pale in comparison not just to the visual eye-candy and mind-boggling audio MGS4 has to offer but also to the controls and game interface. MGS4 was considered by many as THE Game of the Year when it came out as the flag-bearer of the next gen consoles, particularly that for the PlayStation 3. Game critics and gamer reviewers just don’t hand out “game of the year” awards out of a whim, so this is a solid testament that this game is not just about flashy graphics, but almost everything about it is just as good.

The Metal Gear Solid series have been around for ages now, but the game still retains the flavor fans have come to love and identify with this game. Solid Snake is still the main man, although this may perhaps be his last and final assignment (that is until Metal Gear Solid Rising came out…). Even if Snake may seem to have aged quite a bit, mak