New Job Search Methods Are Still the Old Ones


After some trepidation, I did get two job offers. One was secured via a contact – my grandfather’s barber whose brother was a lawyer. The second was via a job board posting. But even that offer came because of previous internship experience in the same legal specialty, state and local taxation. And guess what, that internship was secured with through a contact my father had with the Ohio Department of Taxation. Oh, the power of networking!

The only time I have changed jobs (I have only worked for two companies over my 28 year career), I was recruited.

So back last year when I began my job search for a senior management/executive position in the risk management, legal, compliance realms, you can imagine my dismay with the new process I initially found. Technology and the art of the virtual resumes submitted at the touch of a key were all new to me. The old art of utilizing your network of contacts, talking by phone or face-to-face, and following up with paper resumes seemed to be replaced by the personal computer.

Well I soon learned that networking still existed and remained a critical element of the job search process. Connections and contacts are still the meat and potatoes of job searching.

Granted you do have to master and utilize technology’s new features. After all, much of today’s networking begins with technology (e.g. Linkedin, Facebook). But that is only the start. Numerous local networking groups (ETP, Career Forum, Career Networking Group) offered me the source to utilize these virtual contacts to create a network of truly real people. Weekly meetings provided me the opportunity to actually speak to people. These networking events afforded opportunities to meet people face-to-face.