PSD to WordPress

Whenever PSD to WordPress conversion is considered, everyone questions the need of professional help in this matter. It is quite evident that, WordPress is indeed the best and easiest CMS to use, yet users feel it difficult to carry out the process all on their own. The reason for this difficulty faced by them, inspite of possessing a community rich in tutorials, volunteers and guides are accounted because of the nature of complexities one faces while creating SEO friendly flawless codes for the website. It is very easy to put forward one’s imagination using Photoshop, but one major setback is .PSD files are not compatible in web browsers and cannot be uploaded as such in the server because of their large size. This requires a precise PSD to WordPress conversion. Some other crucial factors that lead to necessitate skilled expertise are:

• Hand Codes: Although automated codes can serve the purpose but the final PSD to WordPress outcome might not be a replica of the initial design. For which, the need for manual coding is of vital importance. And to achieve this, profound technical skills and experience is a must.

• Semantic Codes: Apart from hand coding, the contents of the site must be matched with the HTML tags. Thus, to ensure that the site is legible, semantic codes are required.

• SEO Friendly Codes: The codes need to be search engine friendly so that the web crawlers scan the site effortlessly. This must also be guaranteed for effective visibility of the website.

• Cross Browser Compatibility: A number