The Ten Commandments of Attitudes For Success

Leaders are made,Guest Posting not born. Although many are gifted with an innate or natural ability to assess the situation, devise a course of action and then implement it, not all are so fortunate. In today’s society, where do we turn to develop leadership skills.

Where are our leaders? Where are the examples that set the standard for excellence? TV and movie stars, sports figures, political personalities, or corporate executives; many look to these to emulate.

More and more of our young men and women, who will be tomorrows leaders, are looking for something other than the sex and violence, lies and under-handedness, back room deals, and scandalous lives of those who seem to get the most press.

Many of them are reaching for the stars and already excelling in many of life’s arenas. They are not satisfied with the mundane. They know to be your best, you must assume a leadership role. They have found the laws that govern leadership.

You’ve heard it said, “Practice makes perfect.” But are you aware of the fact this is a false statement. If what we are practicing is imperfect, what we become is imperfect. So the truth is “Perfect practice makes perfect.”

This is the reason so many of those whom we look to for guidance are failing in front of our eyes leaving many disillusioned. They have discovered the laws of leadership and achieved some great things in life, but failed to develop the proper core val