What are the Upcoming Features of WordPress 5.5 for developers?

mid of August 2020. This is the second big release of the year from WordPress, and it is packed with several new features and improvements. These features will definitely helpWordPress 5.5 with features. The release is still in the development phase, which means features can still change and may get removed from the final release.

  1. Improvements in Block Editor

WordPress introduced a new writing experience back in late 2018. This new writing approach is called the block editor. Since then, every release brings numerous updates to the editor. WordPress 5.5 will come with several remarkable improvements and the latest features that will boost your writing experience.

  1. UI Improvements in Block Editor

WordPress 5.5 will come with major UI changes to the block editor. A lot of borders are implemented around toolbars and buttons, new icons, and focus highlighting as you move around the blocks while writing. The (+) button is present to add a new block that has changed as well and is now more obvious and seems more like a button.









  1. The New Block Directory

WordPress 5.5 will come with the new block directory. These are simply WordPress plugins that add new blocks, and there are already dozens of new blocks present. The block directory is also built-in to the ‘Add New block’ search. You can easily look for a feature, and if no block is present that matches your search, then it will by default show matching results from the block directory. The block directory is free of block library plugins which ship with several useful blocks to install.

  1. Block Patterns

WordPress 5.5 will introduce block patterns. They are ready-to-use blocks with commonly used settings to help.