Which Satellite Radio Company Should You Choose

satellite radio service. XM, the forerunner of satellite radio has 2 satellites, Rock and Roll, and has 2 satellite radio studios in Washington D.C. which reaches all of its 3,200,000 subscribers. Sirius Radio, XM’s current competitor, has 3 satellites, studios in NY and has 1,100,000 subscribers.

There is no question about it; satellite radio is far superior to the landlocked radio stations. This new generation of radio, with its digital quality and unlimited content, makes AM/FM radio look ancient in comparison. Satellite radio has incredible advantages that regular radio stations can only hope to offer.












Satellite radio is completely commercial free. That means no annoying jingles, no listening interruptions, no stupid voice actors, and no one trying to sell you something you couldn’t possibly need. Satellite radio offers you the ability to, not only listen to what you want, (Jazz, Country, Hip Hop, R&B, Classical, Do Wop, Dance, Electronica, Latin, Blues, House, Rock, Alternative, Contemporary, Christian, or Gospel), but you can also listen to it where you want. In your car, your house, your yacht, your tent, and even your bus ride downtown. You can listen to you local weather, traffic alerts, news, sports, and entertainment, or national weather, traffic, news, sports and entertainment. It’s like being omnipresent and omniscient at once! Satellite radio is also completely uncensored. That means that you can listen to your favorite comic or rap without having to figure out it behind the bleeps.

The content is the only thing that sets satellite radio apart from its terrestrial buddy; it also has digital, CD quality sound. AM/FM radio cannot offer that without having to put up a transmitter every few miles. Your satellite receiver also has information on songs and artists right on the read out so you can best select what you want to listen to. It’s all about your choice! Where, what, when, and how! Do you feel like a god yet?

Both XM and Sirius are amazing satellite radio providers, which one you choose to listen to will be up to you. Since they each offer such great programming, the choice will be difficult. There are 3 different types of